Hello! My name is Daria Chatoriyskaya. I am an experienced film director working in the film industry for over 16 years. My cinematographic journey began in 2009 and continued until I graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in 2012. Since then, I have been involved in both fiction and documentary films, taking on various roles — from assistant director and administrator to cinematographer, producer, and director of documentary and fiction films. 

My creative work spans reportage and staged photography, as well as painting. In addition to my film work, I am a licensed clinical psychologist, sexologist, and transpersonal psychologist. With over 7 years of experience in psychological practice, I conduct counseling sessions, helping clients find solutions and inner harmony. 

 My passion for travel has taken me to various parts of the world, including Senegal and the Dominican Republic. In Senegal, I filmed a video dedicated to the first cinematographic session of Russian students, which was presented at the Russia-Africa International Summit in 2003. I also have experience working in the conflict zone in Donbass, where I conducted interviews with civilians for a documentary film.

 My projects in collaboration with companies such as “VGIK Debut, ” “Creative Studio Stella, ” Gazprom-Media, IRIS, BBC, and others, both in Russia and abroad, have been widely recognized. 

My film “Icarus Dream” has garnered 2.7 million views on the VKontakte social network. 

I have also participated in various photo contests and became a prize-winner of National Geographic. 

 If you need help in the field of film, art, photography, or psychology, feel free to contact me. I am ready to bring your ideas to life and offer my professional services to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to new creative challenges and collaboration opportunities! Welcome to my website! Who is she? Daria Chatoriyskaya? Film director, artist, photographer, journalist, producer, and clinical psychologist. Продолжай Ещё 

Дарья Чарторийская. Дарья Чарторийская — режиссер, продюсер, фотограф, художник, журналист